The super salad that packs a punch

Posted: 17/02/2013 by tribalfitnessbootcamps in General

After our recent recipe night on Six Weeks to Super Health Bootcamp, quite a few of you have been asking for the details of the super salad that Jane prepared.

 super salad

Not only does it look fantastic, it is packed full of healthy ingredients and nutrients for optimum health. The key to this salad, that sets it apart from your normal boring ‘rabbit food’ salad, is that it has a high protein content due to my favourite super-food, quinoa. Now, you all know how I harp on about protein with every meal and the benefits that come with it, especially for muscle growth and fat reduction, so this salad is actually perfect as a whole meal, not just as a side to a main dish.

The extra benefit is that you can make up a batch to last you a few days and stick it in the fridge – perfect for saving time in our busy lifestyles, and will help you to stop reaching for those ready meals! A top tip is just don’t put the olive oil on when making it, so it doesn’t go soggy in the fridge, and instead just add it to your individual portions as and when needed.

There’s no real method to preparing this, just bung it all in! To make it even quicker (and tastier), buy a pre-cooked packet of quinoa. Try one with added pulses and herbs for extra taste and protein!

1 cup of cooked quinoa   (or use a ready cooked packet containing pulses and herbs!)
Handful mixed sunflower and pumpkin seeds   (slightly roasted is tasty)
Small handful of small square  blocks of feta cheese
½ red onion, finely chopped
Small carrot, grated
Stick of celery, chopped
Handful of sunblush tomatoes
½ chilli, finely chopped
½ red pepper cut into strips/chunks
Large handful of pomegranate seeds (or an avocado)
Bunch of fresh coriander, chopped
½ lemon squeezed over the top
Drizzle of olive oil and dusting of ground black pepper to taste

Give it a go!
Enjoy your super healthy, super filling, super salad!
Nikki Jarvis

  1. Catherine Creed says:

    Hey Nikki! Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I have just made a batch for lunch tomorrow, it’s absolutely delish and tastes like its soooo good for me! I’m actually amazed that something this healthy can taste so good!

  2. Hi Catherine, yes it is SUPER tasty and SUPER good for you. Win, win. Enjoy. Guilt free!

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