Babes FAQs

How long are the sessions?
The sessions are about an hour long.

What do I wear?
Layered, comfortable clothing that’s suitable to exercise in and securely fastened training shoes.  Remember a hat if it’s cold and sun cream if it’s hot (we should be so lucky eh!).  Gloves are recommended as we often use equipment and lean on benches and walls.  We often get down and dirty on the floor so be prepared to get wet and mucky at some sessions, so probably best to wear your old clothes and a splash proof jacket can be handy.  Oh and a sports bra if you’re lucky enough to need one!

What do I need to bring?
A small bottle of water that’s easy to carry with you, although you can always grab a drink at the end of the session if you can last that long!  Some healthy snacks for after the session, such as a banana or a nut and seed mix, to refuel after all your hard work and exertion!  And it is essential that you bring a smile, an open mind and a little bit of motivation – I’ll bring the rest!

What about bad weather?
You will soon learn that Tribal Fitness firmly believes that ‘There is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing!’ So make sure you come prepared whatever the weather.  If it’s cold add another layer.  If it’s hot then remember plenty of fluids and sun cream.  If it’s wet then wear old clothing and a splash proof top as you’ll probably get dirty on the wet grass/sand (but that’s all part of the fun!). If it snows then gloves are essential for all those snowball fights! If the conditions are particularly bad the class may be cancelled or moved for your own safety, so please check the website for updates before each session to ensure it is still on.

Do I need to be fit or already using a gym?
Absolutely not!  The outdoor bootcamp sessions are for females of ANY fitness level, age, size and ability.  People who attend a bootcamp who are already quite fit will just be made to work a bit harder!  Don’t get me wrong, you will be encouraged to push yourself, but at your own pace that is comfortable and nobody should feel out of their depth at a Bootcamp, as all exercises can be adapted to suit individual needs.

What if I can’t make it every week?
That’s fine, you don’t have to.  Attending bootcamp sessions is completely flexible.  It is not like a course you’ve signed up to, or a gym membership where you want to go 3 times a week to get your money’s worth – you simply come when it suits you.  Easy.

I’m really unfit, can I still do it?
Of course you can.  Sessions are for ladies of ANY fitness level, age, size or ability.  All exercises can be adapted to suit individual needs.  You will be encouraged to push yourself so you improve your overall fitness level (afterall, that’s what you’re coming for) but nobody will be made to feel uncomfortable or out of their depth.  To be honest, you’ll be having that much fun you’ll not even notice how hard you’re working!

Why are the Bootcamps ladies only?
Good question.  Women have told me for years that they feel uncomfortable training with men and find that they can sometimes be a bit too competitive!  So, Tribal Fitness Bootcamps embrace womanhood and provide us with the opportunity to train the female body with the most appropriate exercises, thus maximizing your training time, as well as enabling us to stick our bums in the air without the embarrassment!  Oh, and we get to chat about Eastenders and Coronation Street to our heart’s content!

I want to do my local Bootcamp but I can’t make it.
It’s great that you want to come along and join the Tribe, but if you can’t make your local Bootcamp you can come along to any of them.  Even if you buy a block of sessions, this entitles you attend any Bootcamp, at any time, at any venue.  This flexibility will help fit in Bootcamps to you lifestyle.  But if you still can’t make it, then just get in touch if there are 8 or more of you wanting a new session at a different time and I’ll see what I can do.

There are no Bootcamps in my area!
It’s great that you want to come along to a Bootcamp but if there are none in your area then please get in touch, as there may be one starting near you soon.  Alternatively, if there are 8 or more of you wanting to start up a new session at a time and venue that will suit you, then I’ll see what I can do .

I’ve been ill, can I still come along?
If you’ve been suffering from a head cold for example, then it’s entirely up to you to judge if you’re well enough to attend a Bootcamp.  If you are recovering from an injury or long term illness, it is strongly recommended that you seek approval from your medical professional to participate in exercise before attending an outdoor Bootcamp session. This is for the safety of yourself and the rest of the Tribe.

How much does it cost?
There is a flexible pricing system, so you can choose which is best for your lifestyle.  Follow the links for a full list of prices, locations and times.

I have just had a baby, when can I start coming?
Congratulations!  I hope you are enjoying your new precious bundle and the sleep deprivation isn’t too bad.  You are welcome to come along to a Babes Bootcamp whenever you have fully recovered from the birth and have been given permission by your doctor (usually 6 months).  However, a Pramtastic Bootcamp may suit you better.  You can bring baby along with you and meet new mums too.

What do I do with my keys/bag?
No worries, you can give your belongings to the instructor if you have bulky items that you cannot carry……leaving your hands free for all those push ups!

Can I bring a friend?
Of course you can.  Although you will no doubt make friends with your fellow Tribe Members quickly, most people prefer to come along with somebody they know – it’s more fun that way, and you can make sure they don’t cheat in the partner work.  Don’t forget if you are new to the Tribe, you can a FREE session to see what it’s all about, so just get in touch to book a place for you and your friend.

I’m not sure if it’s for me, can I just watch?
You are welcome to come along and watch a session, but better still, why not join in?  If you are new to the Tribe you are entitled to a FREE session to see what it’s all about – no obligation – so why not get in touch to arrange it for you and a friend?

What about other people watching?
Yep, some people may have a quick look while we’re doing some lunges, but I promise you they’ll be in awe and totally impressed with what we are all doing.  We often get positive comments from passers-by which just gives us a little bit more motivation to keep going!  We often ask them if they would like to join in!

I regularly use the gym, is a Bootcamp for me?
Yes.  Bootcamp is for everybody.  People often attend a Bootcamp in addition to their normal gym training.  It gives you a nice change from the treadmill run and bicep curls and works your body in a different way, so you may go home with a few different aches and pains than normal.  If you are already fit then you will simply be worked harder.  Everyone’s fitness level and goals will be different but everybody will go home feeling that they’ve benefited in some way from the session.

I’d like to go to two different locations, can I do this?
Yes you can.  That’s the beauty of the flexible system. Simply bring your session card to each Bootcamp to be stamped by the instructor.

Do I have to run?
No.  There are periods during the session where we are on the move or incorporate jogging into an exercise to help with your cardio-vascular fitness and weight loss, but this is always optional.  If you simply don’t enjoy running or have an injury which prevents you from doing this, then you can simply do a brisk walk or will be given another alternative exercise that suits.