Two Tribes go to War

So, let me guess.
1 – You’re feeling a bit sluggish and soft round the edges after the festive period, yes?
2 – You want to reduce your body fat content – maybe?
3 – You want to get fitter and stronger so your days aren’t so much of a struggle – right?
4 – You’ve promised yourself you really want to change your lifestyle for the better this year – correct?
5 –And you just absolutely HAVE to get in to THAT dress for THAT party coming up soon… (and now wish you hadn’t have opened that fourth tin of Roses over Christmas) – yup?

BUT you feel like you need a dose of support and motivation to help you achieve this? …….Well, Tribal Fitness is coming to your rescue, with our ‘Two Tribes go to War’ Challenge!

To help us all support and motivate each other with our January goals (not resolutions!), the Bangor Tribe and the Belfast Tribe will be having a fun competition to see which Tribe can lose the most weight and then go head to head to win a fun fitness bootcamp! Who will be crowned the most tremendous Tribal Team? Choose your Tribe wisely, because this is WAR!

Tell me more about this Tribal War malarky?
The Challenge will involve weighing yourself (optional) at the start of the challenge and registering this with your Tribal Chief. You will train as hard as you can for 2 months, attending as many bootcamps as you can, fitting in extra exercise outside of the Tribe when possible and trying to maintain a healthier diet. Throughout the two months you will receive emails from your Tribal Chief which will include tips and ideas to help motivate you with regards to exercise and nutrition. You will re-weigh yourself at the end of the challenge. The Two Tribes will then come together to go to war during a fun bootcamp filled with Team games and challenges. Sound like fun? Want to take part?

Yup, I’m in! How do I take part? And what happens next?

  1. Decide which Tribal Team you want to be on and register with your Chief by Friday 18th Jan.
    Bangor – email Nikki on
    Belfast – email Rachael on
  2. If weight loss is one of your goals and you want to record any changes for yourself and to help your team win the weight loss challenge, then you must weigh yourself in Kilograms and email this to your Chief by Friday 18th Jan. Your weight will not be shared with anyone, it will only be seen by your Chief who will use it to work out the total weight loss for your Tribe.
  3. The Challenge starts Sat 19th Jan.  If you decide after this date that you want to take part then that’s fine! Just email your Chief. But obviously the sooner you start, the more potential there is to see results!
  4. During the challenge come along to as many bootcamps as possible to benefit from the tailored HIIT workouts that Tribal Bootcamps are heavily based around. This style of workout helps target body fat reduction and increases fitness and strength – so attending Tribal bootcamps will really help you achieve great weight loss and fitness results! Also try to fit in additional exercise during your daily routine when possible and of course limit the junk food and fill the cupboards with healthy produce!
  5. The final ‘weigh in’ must be emailed to your Chief by Friday 15th March.
  6. The fun fitness ‘Two Tribes go to War’ Bootcamp will take place during the regular timetabled slot at Ballyholme Beach on Sat 16th March, 9-10am. (Everyone is welcome to come along to this session for a workout – you don’t have to be registered on the challenge).
  7. The winning team will be announced at the end of the ‘Two Tribes go to War’ Bootcamp session.
  8. The winning team will not only be buzzing from winning and feel amazingly brilliant and super healthy, but they will also get to devise a mini-workout for the other team to complete every day for the following week, to help give them a final fitness push! This workout will also be a regular slot at every bootcamp during that week, so don’t be too harsh on them – because you’ll have to do it too!

Please remember this is FUN! Don’t take it too seriously. Life is often too serious! It is time to let your hair down with fitness. You will also know by now that Tribal Fitness isn’t all about the ‘weight’, so please don’t fixate on it. The scales can’t, and will not, show changes in weight of the muscles you’re building or water content or indeed, how healthy your arteries are! Weighing yourself is ONE guide and is being used alongside fitness testing to help you focus in making regular exercise and healthy nutrition a part of your life. Let’s have some fun!

For those taking part, don’t forget you can head over to the private page to get support and motivation and why not take the opportunity to ask health and fitness related questions to your instructors!

  1. Lucy Kerr says:

    BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!! I’ll do it, but I wont be in the country on 16th March, so I will have to cheer for Bangor tribe from afar!! I have had this flu type bug bugger the last week or so, so felling particularly sluggish and heavy, cant wait to start!!

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