Make yourself a true Tribe Member and grab yourself an item of Tribal Clothing, and wear it with pride!

Tribal Clothing
T-shirt £12       ***currently sold out***
Long Sleeved T-shirt £14
Hoodie £23
Jacket (black) £25 / (yellow) £27

Are you searching for a present for a female relative or friend? Then buy them a Tribal Gift Box and help them on the road to a healthier lifestye. Contains an item of clothing of your choice & 4 bootcamp sessions.

Tribal Gift Boxes
T-shirt & 4 Bootcamps for £36
Long sleeved t-shirt & 4 Bootcamps for £38
Hoodie & 4 Bootcamps for £47
Jacket & 4 Bootcamps for £49 (black) / £51 (yellow)

Cash or cheque made payable to Nichola Jarvis only please.