Sarah’s Transformation

Transformation pic 2

Sarah is the perfect example of how changing one small thing can have major results. Sure, some people want quick transformation results, but by changing one small thing and sticking with it, you can get serious results over time, with less of the stress, repeated failures and mental fatigue! It’s called a lifestyle change! Sarah didn’t thrash herself in the gym five days a week or follow a restrictive diet that she struggled to maintain. Sarah simply came to Tribal Fitness Bootcamps every week. This small change in her weekly routine has led to major health, fitness (and social!) benefits. It goes to show that slow progress is still progress! Well done Sarah. Read her story.

“I used to go to the gym but I got bored with the same routine and the same classes and as life got busier I stopped going. My weight started to go up and I have battled it ever since. I must have tried nearly every diet going. I soon give up, only to find another one, which of course never worked either!

I was fed up with my size and I needed to do something about it. One day I came home and the best piece of paper was through my door…a Tribal Fitness flyer! I looked up the website and thought ‘this sounds different’, and thought I must give it a go. Nothing ventured and all that.

My first Tribal Bootcamp was by the beach which was beautiful but my goodness I realised how unfit I had become! But the Tribe were really friendly and motivated me to keep going, and I managed the hour session. Even though I ached the next day I really enjoyed it and had so much fun, so I knew this was finally something I wanted to continue doing! Exercising outside was something I had never considered before, but it was so much better than being stuck in a gym or aerobics class. With it being female only it was very supportive and with each session being different I never got bored.

It didn’t take me long to start noticing improvements. Although I dropped nearly three dress sizes in 18 months, my fitness is so much better and I have muscle strength and definition too. I never thought I would reach this stage in my fitness and would never have imagined I would take part in 10k events! My mood is also much better, thanks to being outdoors and regularly seeing a group of ladies who support each other and have a laugh. I have made some very good friends through Tribal and this is definitely something I plan to continue to be a part of.

I would recommend these sessions to anyone. It’s fun, and you will definitely get results.”

Sarah S

Teresa’s Transformation


Teresa’s is a great example that Tribal Fitness not only delivers weight loss, but something much more important – happiness, self belief and results that can be sustained. Well done Teresa. You rock!

“In September 2012 I decided to get healthy. I was never what you might call a “sporty person” and spent most of PE at school not being picked for teams, falling over for no reason (see previous comment), and panicking over how red my face would go after two minutes of exercise. In September I joined Tribal Fitness in Belfast which ran all-female outdoor boot camp sessions with the intention of losing weight. I was just coming out of a stressful period in my life and my previous decision to eat and drink my worries away had backfired. I remember turning up to my first session with Nikki in Ormeau Park not really knowing what to expect but being made to feel welcome right from the start. I was most definitely the least fit person in the group and actually thought I wouldn’t make it to the end of the first session. Despite this I decided to return and I can honestly say it’s been the best thing I’ve done for myself this year.

While I have lost weight (almost two stone) I’ve gained so much more (I shall refrain from morphing into a Special K ad here). Maybe it’s because we were exercising outside, maybe it’s because it was all-female and I stopped caring about how ridiculous I looked but I would finish a boot camp session lying face down in muddy grass but as giddy as a teenager on Red Bull. I’m not going to lie and say the sessions are easy- far from it- but the high I felt afterwards went a long way to improving my mood and alleviating the stress I might have felt before.

Over time as I started to finish sessions without collapsing and wasn’t the mad red-faced lump hugging a tree and shouting for mercy (true story), the satisfaction I got from getting fitter started to outweigh just losing weight. Going to boot camp has now become a regular part of my week and I can’t imagine not doing it. It’s a great way to meet other people, feel better about yourself and I’d recommend it to anyone, whatever your age or level of fitness.”

Teresa Livingstone
May 2013


Emily’s Journey

Tribal fitness isn’t just about achieving fat reduction….it can also have life-changing results, which is amazing! photo

“I had a fairly good level of fitness before I got pregnant and loved running, going to the gym and doing spin classes and yoga etc…  I kept this going to a certain degree during my pregnancy but then everything changed when little Daniel actually arrived in March last year.  It was like a bomb went off in my life and I had no space left for exercise.   As a new mum, I was too tired to think about it all and just went for walks with the buggy when I could.  I just sat back (with endless cups of tea and biscuits…) and hoped that the weight would magically start falling off, I was breastfeeding after all!    

Then, I got talking to a friend of mine who knew about Tribal Fitness Pramtastic classes.  I thought this sounded good and it suited me well because I could bring Daniel with me.  Unfortunately Both Grannies live too far away to be on hand for babysitting so getting back to the gym was just too complicated.   I went along for my free taster and instantly loved it!   Everyone was really friendly and we chatted about our baby woes and baby joys while squatting and lunging till our thighs ached.  I carried on going most weeks for the rest of my maternity leave and I can honestly say that it was the highlight of my week!   It was the best Mums n Tots I had ever been to!  And best of all, it really helped me to shift the baby weight.  It was like I had kick-started my body back into action again.  I started walking more briskly and even going out for the odd run every so often!  I even did the Bangor 10K in September!   The old Emily was back!!  🙂

Now my baby is 14 months, my challenges with him are changing all the time, as are my goals with my fitness levels.  While I still go to Pramtastic on my days off, I can now do things a little harder than when I first started.  I am also going to the Reboot Bootcamp at the minute and, even though Nikki & Rachael work us so hard I actually feel a little bit sick sometimes, I am really loving it!!  I am on a mission to become fitter & stronger than I ever have been and Tribal is helping me to achieve this.   I know it may sound a bit over dramatic, but I feel that I am at a turning point in my life.  Suddenly fitness has become so important to me…something that I can no longer ignore now that I am a mum!  I still have a long way to go, and my diet needs a lot of adjustments (cannot have a cup of tea without a biscuit – or 4!), but I am on my way 🙂

I have been so inspired & encouraged by Tribal that I am even thinking about a complete career change!  My goals are changing from just looking after my own fitness to realising that I actually have the potential to look after other people’s as well!  Who knows where it will all end up!?!  One thing I do know is that I would never have got to this point on my own.

So, join the tribe!   You have nothing to lose except that annoying flab you just can’t seem to shift on your own! “

Emily, June 2013

  1. Jenny K says:

    Very inspiring. Go Emily!

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