Pramtastic Bootcamp

Pramtastic Bootcamp is a great way for new mums to exercise without the worry of childcare arrangements or costs!

That’s right ladies, bring your baby along with you in the buggy and enjoy a one hour exercise session in the great outdoors. Sessions take place in all weather* so make sure you and baby come prepared (see FAQ for more info).  All the exercises are specifically designed for post natal women and help towards burning off any unwanted baby fat along with strengthening the muscles used during pregnancy and childbirth.  The sessions will also focus on improving your posture and of course, making sure that those pelvic floor muscles are nice and tight!

We use the natural surroundings such as benches, hills and steps to get a full body workout.  We always start with a warm up, leading into a power walk (or jog if you’d prefer!) which is combined with some toning exercises such as squats, lunges and tricep dips.  This provides interval training workouts, which helps to maximise the potential benefits of fat burning and muscle strengthening during the one hour session. The sessions are all about FUN, so don’t worry if there is an exercise you don’t like – you don’t have to do it!  All exercises can also be adapted for individual needs, so that means ANY woman, of ANY age, at ANY post natal stage and of ANY fitness level, can do a Pramtastic Bootcamp.   So come and give it a go!

The extra benefits… It is widely known that exercise is good for you mentally as well as physically, but did you know that being outdoors has also been proven to help with mental well-being and can help towards alleviating symptoms of depression…so imagine how good you could feel exercising outdoors on a regular basis!

Pramtastic Bootcamps are great for meeting other new mums and catching up on the latest TV gossip or simply sharing ideas/concerns about being a mum… and dont’ worry, you are allowed to chat during the session – we are all women after all… it is our right to talk!

Sessions have a flexible pricing structure and are held at different locations and times throughout the week.  Why not get in touch to arrange your FREE taster session to see what it’s all about?  Come along and join the Tribe!

(* in extreme weather the session may be cancelled for safety reasons, so please check the website before each session)

Then watch our RTE feature below to give you an idea of how much fun we have! Come and join the Tribe!

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