Pramtastic FAQs

What do I wear?
Layered, comfortable clothing that’s suitable to exercise in and securely fastened training shoes.  Remember a hat if it’s cold and sun cream if it’s hot (we should be so lucky eh!).  Gloves are recommended as we often use equipment and lean on benches and walls etc.  We sometimes get down and dirty on the floor so be prepared to get wet and mucky and some sessions.  It is a good idea to wear old clothing and maybe a splash proof jacket.  Also, bringing an old towel to lie on can be useful, which can be put in the pram basket when we’re on the move.  Oh and a sports bra if you’re lucky enough to need one!

What do I bring?
A small bottle of water in the pram basket is a good idea.  Some healthy snacks for after the session, such as a banana or a nut and seed mix, so you can refuel after all your hard efforts!  You can bring an old towel to lie on if you aren’t totally ‘in touch with nature’ and would rather not lie on wet grass.  And it is essential that you bring a smile, an open mind and a little bit of motivation – I’ll bring the rest!

What about my baby?
Although you may be getting a little hot and sweaty when doing the class your baby won’t, so make sure they are warm enough, with hat and gloves if necessary.  And don’t forget the rain cover for those winter days or the high factor sun cream and hat for the (rare) glorious days!  Some healthy snacks and toys can help keep your baby entertained during the session – but they will have plenty to watch when we’re out and about in nature’s gym!

What if my baby needs feeding?
Then feed them!  Your baby always comes first.   You can take a seat for feeding time and then simply join back in when your done.  No worries!  (although I have seen one lady complete a set of squats while breastfeeding….that’s hardcore!)

What if my baby cries?
Please do not worry if you baby isn’t too happy during the class.  We’re all been there and understand.  Baby comes first, so just do what you need to do to settle your baby and then join back in when you can.  Simple.

Do I need a special buggy for the Bootcamp?
Absolutely not.  You do not need any special prams or equipment to attend a Pramtastic Bootcamp.  All I ask is that your baby is securely fastened in throughout the session for safety reasons.

What about other people watching?
Yep, some people may have a quick look at the session.  Who wouldn’t?  We look awesome!  I promise you they’ll be in awe and totally impressed with what we are all doing.  We often get positive comments from passers-by which just gives us a little bit more motivation to keep going!  We often ask them if they would like to join in!

What about bad weather?
You will soon learn that Tribal Fitness firmly believes that ‘There is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing!’ So make sure you come prepared whatever the weather. If it’s cold add another layer or two to you and your baby. If it’s hot then remember plenty of fluids and sun cream. If the conditions are particularly bad the class may be cancelled or moved for your own safety, so please check the website for updates before each session.

How much does it cost?
There is a flexible pricing system, so you can choose which is best for your lifestyle.

How do I join?
Simple.  Just download the Health Questionnaire and complete it.  Ideally you can return it to Tribal Fitness prior to starting or you can bring it along with you to your first session.  You are entitled to a FREE taster session so you can see what it’s all about, so call now on 07825162646 to book a place for you and a friend.  Look forward to meeting you and your little one soon.  Come along and meet the rest of the Tribe!

Do I have to run?
No.  We do brisk walking with the option of doing a bit of a jog if you’d prefer, but nobody is made to jog/run or do any other exercises that they are not comfortable with.

I’d like to go to two different locations, can I do this?
Thanks to the flexible pricing structure you can buy a block of Bootcamp sessions and attend any location that suits your lifestyle.  You don’t have to go to the same session, or indeed every week….just turn up when it suits you….couldn’t be easier!